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Tomb Raiding with a ZX Spectrum 48k

It's coming to the end of 1921's digging season in Egypt. Your excavations have not gone so well this year, failing to find any trace of the legendary and as yet undiscovered Pharaohs tomb. Then in your final weeks wild stories recounting the wrath of vengeful mummies strangling would be tomb local raiders filter back to base camp.

At last some concrete leads worth looking into, and opportunities to good to pass up. Oculist tales of curses be dammed, you're an Egyptologist and grand adventurer, such nonsense can't possibly hurt you. Or can it?

Keeping TuT-TuT Early 8bit

I wrote the original version of Tut-Tut as a type-in game for the ZX Spectrum and published it in Paleotronic Magazine, then latter as a ZX81 Game. The 2020 Edition of TuT-TuT has been entirely re-written again for the ZX Spectrum 48k.

Despite constantly changing implementation languages, TuT's core game mechanics and functionality are all based around the algorithms and techniques outlined in the Paleotronic article.

Staying true to the BASIC version of the game became a key style choice for new Spectrum edition of Tut-Tut. In particular the decision not to introduce fluid animation into the game was something that I'd much internally debated about.

In the end I felt retaining character square based movement lead heavily to an early 80s home micro aesthetic, one that most retro games (understandably) shy away from. That's not to say the game feels old, it's just meant after a fashion to feel like a kick arse earlier tittle.

All the history and extended details behind the Development and various versions of TuT-TuT can found on ZX81 Keyboard Adventure Blog Page.

Excavate a Physical Copy of the Game

  • Cassette copies of the game are available from  Cronosoft

You'll require a Real ZX Spectrum or a ZX Spectrum Emulator to play this game.


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